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Coyote Poetry in Song
The Adventures of Etienne by Sherry Steiner
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Coyote Poetry in Song

Coyote Poetry In Song 2016 (c) is an album of 15 original songs composed on either a 6 or 7 string tenor uke.

Click on the links below to listen on youtube or hear it on Sound Cloud.
To request a CD please email indearts@aol.com

links to rerecorded songs

https://youtu.be/ouoz3SMIub4   The WholeWorld Over
https://youtu.be/G590rd1TgJQ    Sleepy Souls
https://youtu.be/N3gLd9T0q7g    Sparrow Scatter
https://youtu.be/nqHsycyrgwU    Jacob The Tailor: A Lullaby for Delinquents
https://youtu.be/qZDjiFmlltA        A Meditation in 3/4 Time
https://youtu.be/sfh0eOcHNBM   That Steady Rhythm
https://youtu.be/e3ip_9DYmWo  On The Hillside
https://youtu.be/K8YySJKi_vE      Suited for Madison Avenue
https://youtu.be/mRZiOOiCFc0     Pearls Wrapped in Diamonds
https://youtu.be/DpPfivLHKhg      Strudel Me
https://youtu.be/Gwc84YAKgu0   Is The Entrance The Same As The Exit?
https://youtu.be/5kvJOjk4xHU      Sounds Ponder
https://youtu.be/cAD_vMXy_dg     Stones Underfoot

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