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Schultz Chronicles & Daisy: An Awkward Moment in Paradise

The Adventures of Etienne

hicoo hell

1,034 Books I Possibly Won’t Write (maybe)

Edge of The Alter

Mr. So & So and Since The World Began: Performance Poetry

hicoos for you in english & other assorted languages

etude eulogies/scored talk

Printed Matter Alleyway


Not Titled Yet

wth (what the hell)

Hoarse Mufflers

Geranium Blues

casually remembering…

ad nauseum ad nauseum ad nauseum

Albert Can’t Do It or I’d Rather Sell Pickles on the Lower East Side (in English & other languages)

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Pinched Hicoo

An American Way of Life from A to Z

Ripe Fruit Must Fall

The Interpreter

america…a poem in many languages

Mulitiples Of One: Hicoo Imagery

Running On: A Very Long Poem

heavenly theft: a longish poem

an exceptionally long poem…